SWAP – Sara Larsen Stiansen – Bologna


Sara Larsen Stiansen

Curated by:



RESIDENCY: from 7, November to 3, December 2023
OPEN STUDIO: 21, November 2023 from 5 PM
EXHIBITION: from 1 to 21, December, opening 1, December from 6 PM


Adiacenze, Vicolo Spirito Santo 1/B, Bologna

Supported by:

Bergen Kommune, Comune di Bologna

In partnership with:

Hordaland Kunstsenter, VISP

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Sara Larsen Stiansen is the Norwegian artist selected for the second part of SWAP, international artist residency project curated by Adiacenze, this year in its second edition. After the artistic duo Orecchie D'Asino's residency in Bergen in April, in collaboration with Hordaland Kunstsenter, palmera and Bergen Ateliergruppe, the exchange with the Norwegian city continues with the residency of artist Sara Larsen Stiansen, who will be in Bologna from 7 November to 3 December 2023.

During this period, Sara Larsen Stiansen will develop her research according to her distinctive approach, favouring interaction with people and places, direct observation and experimentation of the environment that surrounds her, to then return it with her personal vision through different media, from photography to moving image, from sound to installation. The residency will be an opportunity for her to develop and realise a site-specific project, resulting from the experience around Bologna and from the dialogue with the curators of Adiacenze Amerigo Mariotti and Giorgia Tronconi. Through an open studio in the spaces of Adiacenze on 21 November, Sara Larsen Stiansen will present to the public her current artistic practice through some works in progress and a preview of the project developed during the residency, which she will exhibit in a final exhibition at Adiacenze from 1 to 21 December.


SWAP is an international artist residency project that aims to activate and promote cultural exchange and creative cooperation between Italy and abroad through the involvement of national and international artists. SWAP's ultimate objective is to offer artists the opportunity to confront themselves with a different cultural, social and geographical context through a period of residency aimed at research, experimentation and the production of new works resulting from this experience. SWAP wants to give contemporary artists the opportunity to broaden their gaze from the Italian to the international scene, finding new stimuli and resources to increase their artistic research in contact with other realities and cultural operators abroad. In the same way, this cultural bridge will also allow international artists to get to know and deal with the Italian territory and Bologna in particular through a stimulating and enriching experience. Through SWAP, moreover, Adiacenze wants to create an international network of independent exhibition spaces dedicated to contemporary art that can foster the mobility and intercultural exchange of artists and curators.