IN2 – Arild Horvei Instanes and Elisa Muliere – Bergen, Norway


Arild Horvei Instanes and Elisa Muliere

Curated by:

Amerigo Mariotti and Giorgia Tronconi of Adiacenze and Manuel Portioli




Adiacenze pop-up venue, Strandgaten 208, Beregen

With the support of:

Bergen Kommune

From June 1st to July 30th Adiacenze opens its pop-up venue in Bergen, Norway, with IN2. The project curated by Amerigo Mariotti and Giorgia Tronconi of Adiacenze and Manuel Portioli will bring together Bergen-based artist Arild Horvei Instanes and Italian artist Elisa Muliere, who will share and work in the space for two months as their own studio and present the results of this experience in a final exhibition in the last two weeks of July. Throughout the period, a series of talks and open-studios events will be organized to open up the process of the artists to the public, starting from a first talk with the artists and an opening party on the 1st of June.
IN2 is much more than just an exhibition: it is a chance to discover the artists as well, the work that precedes a show, and the cooperation between the two artists. In fact, the gallery will be open both during the preparation of the show and the exhibition itself, enabling the public to get a glance at backstage of the show. At the same time, it will be an opportunity for the artists to meet people, hear their ideas and impressions throughout the entire exhibition process. The exhibition space with its fantastic display window, covering roughly the whole facade of the gallery, has partially inspired and will surely facilitate this approach. IN2 also pursue Adiacenze and Manuel Portioli’s curatorial interest and practice in the humane, social, interactive part of an art project.
“I personally think, as an artist and curator,” explains Manuel Portioli, “that the exhibition format we are used to, that often is composed by several months of hard work in an atelier, a week of mounting and a day of glory or hell - the opening - is unnecessarily tough and little constructive. By using a space that would normally be used as an exhibition space as an atelier, we want to shed light on the process rather than on the result, and we want to give the artists the chance to build a better relation with the public through time, rather than receiving a lot of feedback during an opening”.